Rethink Bags was born in late 2017 for two main reasons. The first is a deep desire to assist young women who have not had OPPORTUNITIES to finish school and study further. There is a wealth of talent and passion lying wasted on farms and in towns all around South Africa and further afield. By sharing one of my PASSIONS – sewing and using it to create beautiful, functional re-usable shopping bags  – we are addressing the second reason for the creation of Rethink Bags, that of PLASTIC POLLUTION.

Meet the TEAM

Are we here to STAY?

Rethink Bags is a business. It is not a project that will end when donor funding ends. It has been started by ourselves with what we had. Material was purchased and old sewing machines serviced, two sewing machines were donated by friends and now there are six women working in and around Oudtshoorn, Western Cape, South Africa that are the owners of the initiative. Sewing is only one of the skills we will learn in this process. How to manage our resources and equipment, taking in new orders and communicating with clients, delivering orders and managing our finances. Computer skills and even driving lessons are on the cards. Having the ability to support yourself financially is fundamentally life-changing. We plan to achieve this through ongoing, sustainable and satisfying work.

Identifying and training other young women is one of the key outcomes Rethink Bags has set itself. Rethink Bags will also begin a campaign in our town and surrounds to spread the message of why we are making the bags.