Veggie Bags

Veggie Bag sets include 5 netting (made of durable Airtec) bags in a cotton carry bag. They eliminate the need to use the thin, non recyclable plastic bags at the fresh produce counters.

Combo Sets

Combo sets are made up of 6 matching Pocket Bags and a Veggie bag set in a drawstring carry bag. They make a wonderful gift.

Cell Phone Pouches

Cell phone pouches are ideal when you are on the go and need your hands free but need your phone handy and safe.

The pouch is padded and has two pockets. It closes with a sturdy magnetic clasp. The strap is adjustable to fit most body sizes.
Ideal for walking, hiking, jogging, horse riding and many other outdoors activities as well as busy mothers who need their hands free

Sling Bags

Our sling bags are unique as they are made of recycled upholstery materials that are gifted to Rethink Bags.  Very often there is only enough material to make just one bag.  That is why your bag will be one of a kind, saving the offcuts of upholstery fabric from ending up in a landfill.

They have a small outside pocket and then two zip pockets and an adjustable strap. 

Average size is: 20 x 24 cms